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Horticultural oil for houseplants. I washed all the oil off from the three plants late last night, plus oil clean-up which took over an hour. Oil and water do not mix: horticultural oil will inhibit oxygen transfer, which can kill fish. Neem oil works better as a preventative or for established infestations.

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  • The best fruit trees for small gardens: a guide to dwarf fruit trees
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Berkshire garden club

This page book includes easy to follow, step by step illustrations that clearly guide the reader through all the essential techniques of successful fruit gardening. Pruning is covered in depth. Highly recommended. Reprinted exclusively for Pomona Fruits. Misted Tips are available from late August to mid October and will be despatched within 28 days.

Vegetable plants are available from mid May to late July. As a very rough guide, plants ordered before the end of April will usually be despatched by late May. Plants ordered after May will usually be despatched by early June. Orders placed during this period will be despatched within 28 days. Natural Predators and Bumble Bee hives are only despatched at the appropriate time of year see product description for detailed information.

Natural Predators are sent by first class post, bumblebee hives are sent by carrier. Malus domestica 'Katy' syn. This very attractive dessert apple was raised from a cross between two of our favourite British apples - James Grieve and Worcester Pearmain. It produces heavy crops of medium sized bright red fruits with a firm, finely textured flesh.

Sweet and very juicy with a refreshing flavour, sometimes characterised with a hint of strawberry. Very popular with children but also an excellent variety for juicing as it produces beautiful pink juice.

Easy to grow, very disease resistant and suitable for cooler areas. Pollination: Group B. Season: Sept - early Oct. Vaccinium 'Aurora'. This new variety is extremely heavy cropping and ripens very late in the season.

The berries are large and firm and if left to ripen on the bush fully have a rich flavour and lovely aroma. Beautiful red autumn foliage. Pollination: Self-fertile. Plant size: 2 litre pot. Available for delivery: all year. Rheum hybridum 'Livingstone'. This British bred variety will crop twice a year - in spring and again in the autumn as unlike other varieties it does not require a period of summer dormancy. Heavy cropping and disease resistant. Plant size: 9cm pot. A fast growing prickly shrub often used in an informal mixed hedge to form an impenetrable barrier.

Plant cm in apart. Ultimate height untrimmed : 2. Recommended hedge height: 1. Average growth rate: 45cm 18in per year. Height on despatch: cm in. All young trees require staking for the first few years of their life and cordons need to be permanently staked. The stakes are fitted with a unique power drive screw head and a tommy bar is supplied so they can be screwed into the ground with the minimum of effort.

Length 1. Length 30cm 12in. Ribes nigrum 'Ben Connan'. A heavy cropping blackcurrant producing very large berries up to 17mm in diameter. Resistant to frost, mildew and leaf curling midge. Makes a neat compact bush. Season: from early July. Pheromone traps set up in your fruit trees at the end of May through to August will help control maggot damage. Easy to use, the pheromone attractant lures male moths into the trap from which they cannot escape to breed.

Beneficial insects are not attracted. The Codling Moth Trap reduces maggot damage to apples and pears. One trap will protect up to 5 trees. Prunus armeniaca 'Flavourcot' syn. This new variety represents a massive advancement in apricot breeding as it performs exceptionally well in our UK climate and can produce in excess of fruits on a four year old free standing tree.

The fruits are very large and juicy with a red blush and succulent, sweet orange flesh. Superb aromatic flavour.

Insect Barrier Glue is the easy way to stop crawling pests. A modern alternative to greasebanding fruit trees, it is easy to apply, stays sticky longer and is more economical to use. It can also be applied to plant pots or entire bench areas. The ml tube fits a standard mastic gun not supplied and will create approximately 20m 65ft of band. The Plum Fruit Moth Trap reduces maggot damage to plums, gages and damsons. Delivery Info Delivery Reviews. If a surcharge is applicable, we will contact you prior to despatch.

We regret that due to Brexit we are no longer able to deliver to Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and the rest of Europe. Despatch Dates We regret we are unable to give precise delivery dates as weather conditions can affect the despatch schedule.

The following information which applies to orders placed online and over the phone should only be used as a guide and on the understanding that we may not be able to keep to these dates precisely. Please note, delivery usually takes longer when payment is made by cheque.

Orders placed after the 1st January will usually be delivered within 28 days of the order being placed. Blackberries, blueberries, cranberries, elderberries, honeyberries, lingonberries, figs, goji berries and grapes are normally available throughout the year. If ordered April to late September they will normally be despatched within 14 days unless ordered with plants that are due to be despatched at a later date.

Under these circumstances, to avoid additional carriage charges, the entire order will be sent together when everything is available. Outside this period, delivery may take up to 28 days or longer if ordered with plants that are due to be despatched at a later date.

Strawberry plants Runners Unless otherwise stated in the product description, fresh dug strawberry plants will be despatched from mid October to late November. Coldstored strawberry plants will be despatched from March to early July. Orders placed during these periods will usually be delivered within 28 days.

Some varieties are only available as coldstored plants see product description for availability. Strawberry plants Misted Tips Misted Tips are available from late August to mid October and will be despatched within 28 days. Vegetable Plants Vegetable plants are available from mid May to late July. Hardware Hardware is usually despatched within 14 days unless ordered with plants that are due to be despatched at a later date.

There are no reviews for this product. Write Review. Buy Now. Apple Tree 'Katy'. Pollination Group Group B. Continue Shopping Checkout. Blueberry Bush 'Aurora'. Vaccinium 'Aurora' This new variety is extremely heavy cropping and ripens very late in the season.

Rhubarb 'Livingstone' 3 x 9cm pots. Dog Rose Wild Rose Hedging 6 plants. Telescopic Tree Stakes pack of 3. Blackcurrant Bush 'Ben Connan'. Ribes nigrum 'Ben Connan' A heavy cropping blackcurrant producing very large berries up to 17mm in diameter.

Codling Moth Trap. Apricot Tree 'Flavorcot'. Season: early Aug. Fertility Self-fertile. Insect Barrier Glue Large. Plum Fruit Moth Trap.

Fruit trees

Certificate III in Tourism SIT This course provides a pathway to work in a range of roles such as a tour guide, visitor information centre officer or museum attendant. I was originally going to charge a small fee for The course covers the basics of gardening, including how to choose a garden site, choosing plants, creating a garden plan, and planting and maintaining your new landscape. At 90 pages it's comprehensive, to say the least, and also includes a selection of cheat sheets to print for handy reference. Developed by USU faculty who have thousands of hours of research, we'll show you how to become your best yard, garden, and landscape yet -- even if you've failed in the past. Work is now finished on a brand new Horticulture Teaching Block at our Langside Campus, which houses not only classrooms but also provides Essential tools to support your garden learning. Master the key methods and techniques to grow high-quality produce efficiently year-round, even in a nordic climate. Our unique approach to design as a whole and the class leading course Growing and managing plants requires you to understand the science and the business of cultivation, and this online bachelor's degree minor emphasizes both.

Miniature and dwarf fruit trees are ideal for container growing. it's simple to keep trees pruned annually in late summer – the RHS.

The best fruit trees for small gardens: a guide to dwarf fruit trees

Trusted gardening professionals give you the latest horticultural advice, scientific research and tried and tested techniques to bring out the best in your garden. Topics covered include: growing your own vegetables, flowers, garden design, lawn care and gardening with children. Plus expert masterclasses in topics ranging from cottage garden plants, growing orchids, to pest control and eco-friendly gardening. For more info see www. This week's programme is bursting with seasonal greenery. Award-winning writer and RHS blogger Graham Rice explains how to grow a Yuletide favourite and one of our most mysterious native plants — mistletoe. Then we hop 'over the pond' for the latest in our Hidden Horticulturists series to explore the life of one of the 20th century's greatest botanists: holly expert Dr Shiu-Ying Hu. Meanwhile back at RHS Garden Wisley, Verity Batyll describes her favourite plants to brighten up winter gardens, and Devon-based food writer Mark Diacono shares his personal recipe for a delicious homegrown lemon verbena cocktail.

Gardening trends round-up UPDATED

Make a donation. With careful selection of cultivars and appropriate growing methods, it is possible to grow fruit such as apples, cherries, pears and plums in containers. This is a great way to grow fruit in a small garden, particularly as it keeps trees smaller than if they were grown in the ground. All the tree fruits listed here will pollinate each other.

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RHS Award of Garden Merit - fruit trees

Australian chef Skye Gyngell has teamed up with her sister, designer Briony Fitzgerald, to create a deli version of her restaurant Spring, which is centred around a huge display of fruit and vegetables. Located in London's Notting Hill, Spring-To-Go is a shop where customers can buy seasonal produce and order restaurant-quality meals for home delivery. Gyngell and Fitzgerald designed the space in the same spirit as Spring, which opened in Somerset House inThe interior is deliberately pared-back to allow the fresh food that's for sale to become the focal point. At the centre of the shop is a multitiered display stand filled with regeneratively farmed produce from Fern Verrow farm in Herefordshire and Heckfield Home Farm in Hampshire. Other details include a coffee and juice bar with a marble counter and green front, limed oak shelves filled with bottles and jars, and stepped display stands covered in buckets of fresh flowers.

Royal Horticultural Society

It also supports training for professional and amateur gardeners. The creation of a British horticultural society was suggested by John Wedgwood son of Josiah Wedgwood inHis aims were fairly modest: he wanted to hold regular meetings, allowing the society's members the opportunity to present papers on their horticultural activities and discoveries, to encourage discussion of them, and to publish the results. The society would also award prizes for gardening achievements. Wedgwood discussed the idea with his friends, but it was four years before the first meeting, of seven men, took place, on 7 March at Hatchards bookshop in Piccadilly , London. Banks proposed his friend Thomas Andrew Knight for membership. The proposal was accepted, despite Knight's ongoing feud with Forsyth over a plaster for healing tree wounds which Forsyth was developing.

Although the species doesn't offer a reliable fruit crop in the UK, it's still worth growing for its striking, lobed foliage. Shelter the fig.

RHS Growing Fruit (by Harry Baker)

Wooden Obelisks. Bush varieties remain relatively small, so for your vertical garden, choose vining or climbing types. All hand crafted and designed in the UK.


Having grown up on a farm in s rural Indiana, Niles Kinerk has loved gardening since his childhood. BBC How to be a Gardener. Shorter certificate programs may also be available through local organizations. This link will take you to the English translation. Field training courses on working organic farms reinforces the knowledge learned online.

A sudden explosion of garden trends articles has appeared.

As people look to lessen their impact on the environment , green-thumbed growers are expected to explore ways to reduce their carbon footprint while gardening and provide micro-habitats for wildlife. Although gardening is often considered an environmentally-friendly hobby, certain practices can be polluting and contribute to a larger carbon footprint than some people realise. But before you dive into a compost heap, what does planet-friendly gardening look like and what methods can you use to ensure an even greener garden? Planet or climate-friendly gardening is the practice of reducing emissions of greenhouse gases from gardens and encouraging the absorption of carbon dioxide by soils and plants to help reduce global warming. This means eco-conscious gardeners need to considered all aspects of gardens — from the materials used in them to the impact they have on the surrounding environment.

I thought you should know : Easy Mimosa Strain Effects. Seeds rare, unusual and exotic from Whatcom Seed Company -- shop for seeds, easy ordering and super-fast delivery. The inner root bark is handpicked, selected and prepared for sale. Add to Compare.



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