Bach Flower Oak - What is Bach Flower Oak and what it is used for

Bach Flower Oak - What is Bach Flower Oak and what it is used for

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(oak, English oak)

The Bach flower remedy Oak is indicated for strong people with a great practical sense who suddenly suffer a psychological breakdown from excessive fatigue.


Remedy name Bach flower

: Oak

Common name in Italian

: English oak, oak

Scientific name

: Quercus robur (FamilyFagaceae)


Oak in the Bach flowers is indicated for strong people, who do not give up in the face of adversity, they go on with great determination and courage, abusing their strength until they are almost exhausted. They have a strong sense of duty and carry out their commitments and responsibilities without ever complaining. They are strong, patient, tenacious, courageous, they do not despair in the face of a difficulty ultimately having an exaggerated attitude towards duty to the point of exhausting their energies.

They ignore the fatigue and when they inevitably collapse they become furious because the physical collapse prevents them from having the usual efficiency.

Edward Bach describes an oak person as follows: “For those who struggle and fight hard to heal or to fulfill the chores of daily life. They will try one thing after another although their case may seem hopeless. They will continue to fight. They become dissatisfied if an illness interferes with their duties or with the ability to help others. They are courageous people who know how to cope with difficulties without losing hope or reducing effort ». (1)


Bach flower remedy Oak must be used to teach this type of person to recognize when the time has come to stop, to say enough, before collapsing. Teach you not to be too hard on yourself by recognizing your limitations and not to insist beyond measure.


If you want to prepare the Oak mother tincture of Bach flowers, picking the flowers directly in the field, the method to be used is that of solarization.


The plant blooms in spring, in May.

The oak is a large deciduous tree, typical of Europe that reaches 50 m in height. It is characterized by a sturdy trunk and a large crown. It is a very long-lived plant that can reach 800 years of age.

The leaves are alternate, simple, slightly leathery in the adult state, provided with 5-7 pairs of dark green and shiny lobes on the upper side while in the lower one they are lighter in color. The flowers begin to appear at the same time as the leaves, in spring.

The male flowers are present on the same plant but distinct from the female ones: the female flowers are located in the apical part of the branch at the axil of the leaves, grouped in spikes and are reddish in color surrounded by sharp bracts; the male flowers are gathered in catkins formed by 10-12 pendulous flowers placed at the base of the branch of the year.

The fruit is an acorn.

(1) Taken from The Twelve Healers and other remedies by E. Bach

The Flower Therapy

Who discovered them?

Flower therapy was discovered in 1930 by a Welsh physician, Dr Edward Bach. He began his medical career in London after earning 2 degrees from 2 London universities (“Birmingham” and “College Hospital”) and later also became a well-known bacteriologist.
What prompted Doctor Bach to leave success and his career, was the belief that a true medicine had to respect the first oath of a doctor, namely: "Primum non nocere".
Thus it was that he left the comforts and certainties he had achieved, to go to the countryside of Wales, here he began to examine the beneficial effects that the dew placed on some flowers had on some moods.
His research ended with the choice of 38 flowers chosen from over 3000 spontaneously present in the area.

What are?

Bach flowers belong to natural medicine and do not act due to the presence of an active ingredient, but for the "energy footprint" that each individual flower releases into the water during the extraction treatment. This is the reason why Bach flowers are free from side effects or contraindications. Even in the absence of an active ingredient, Bach flowers do not belong to the category of placebo remedies (the results on children confirm this) however they are rebalancing moods such as fear, apathy, sadness, demotivation, despair, loneliness, uncertainty, insecurity, domination, rigidity, introversion, etc.,
They can be used by everyone, regardless of age and physical condition.
They come in the form of drops and are prepared in any pharmacy.

What are they for?

All the states of mind that affect our emotional part often accompany us during and after some natural life events such as: birth, adolescence, adulthood, marriage, parenthood, bereavement, separation , a disappointment, menopause, etc. These can create ailments such as insomnia, anxiety, tension, lack of concentration, mood instability, difficulty making decisions, loss of self-confidence, depression, infertility, awakenings. nocturnal, menstrual irregularity, and many others.
Bach flowers concretely and naturally help rebalance the moods defined as "negative" that lead to a variety of ailments.

How do they work?

Taking on flower essences means first of all becoming aware of the emotion you are experiencing, experiencing.
Such as: resentment, nostalgia, guilt, anger, disappointment, pessimism, fear, hatred, anger, jealousy, fanaticism, submission, over-control, etc. and then transform it into its opposite. This, in short, is the explanation of how they act.

How does the approach differ?

Doctor Bach started from the assumption that it was not necessary to treat only the disease, but the sick person in its entirety, so he understood that every disease is always preceded by one or more moods which, if properly rebalanced, can avoid or block the pathological manifestation.

Bach flowers properties

Bach flower remedies are tools powerful but delicate, which can help in resolving deep emotional imbalances. They can be combined with each other and, up to now, no side effects have been reported.

They are not healing: their purpose is to unlock willpower or a positive feeling, triggering a change. Bach flowers work through energy, using the therapeutic power of flowers.

Bach flowers come sold in bottles about 30 ml, which contain 20% brandy and 80% water in which the flowers have been left to macerate. Typically four drops are dropped under the tongue up to three times a day. The treatment lasts as long as the need is felt.

How to cure anxiety with Bach flowers: flower therapy as a natural remedy

Anxiety is a very frequent state and it is not always easy to control it also because it can present itself in different forms: phobias, panic attacks, obsessions, performance anxiety, stress or trauma anxiety, etc ... Precisely because anxiety is not only one, there is no single Bach Flower to cure it, but you have to choose the right one to treat it specifically and effectively. Here are the Bach flowers associated with the different forms of anxiety.

Rock rose against panic attacks

The rock rose is the flower extracted from the helianthus, it is ideal for treating the panic attacks and all those situations in which anxiety causes a sudden and very intense fear, also ideal in case of attacks with a sensation of tachycardia, shortness of breath, dizziness, tremors, chest tightness. It not only cures the physical symptoms but also helps to regain the courage to better react to the uncomfortable situation you are experiencing.

Cherry plume in case of extreme emotionality

Cherry plume is obtained from myrobalan and is recommended in flower therapy in cases of extreme emotionality and when you are afraid of not making it and you are afraid of not being able to control anxiety. It is also the flower of depression and of those who are afraid of taking irreparable actions. This Bach flower helps to regain calm and tranquility but also brings out the courage in order to better face the situations that are most feared.

Oak for those who take responsibility

Oak is a Bach flower obtained from oak and is recommended for those people who tend to take responsibility and feel exhausted by too many commitments, but also for those who struggle with all their strength to heal. It is the ideal remedy for those suffering from chronic and neck pain caused by strong internal tensions. It manages to eliminate the anxiety of those who take a lot of work and family in order to never disappoint anyone.

Star of Bethlehem against deep anguish

Star of Bethlem is the ideal remedy for those who experience a deep state of anguish due to a trauma or an event that caused a strong shock such as the loss of a loved one, an accident, etc., Star of Bethlem acts effectively against these forms of anxiety, helps you feel stronger and returns that rationality lost due to a strong trauma, also carrying out an antipanic action.

Walnut for Change Anxiety

If we are worried about change anxiety, then the ideal Bach flower is Walnut, also known as the "Bach shield" as it helps to fight the difficulties due to life change: moving house, divorce, job change, etc. …, All those moments in life when there is a need to recover after breaking old ties. Moments in which one is often overwhelmed by regrets, anxiety, emotional instability. Walnut helps to find more determination and constancy, giving the strength to face changes without fear but with a positive vision of the future.

Aspen for anxiety from indefinite fears

It often happens not to be able to identify the source of one's anxiety, cases of unmotivated fear that can be treated by Bach flowers with Aspen which helps to overcome these feelings of terror that can suddenly take place both day and night and that succeed to disconnect the person from the rest of the world. These unmotivated fears create apprehension and restlessness, often the fear of an impending catastrophe is felt with a sense of constant threat. Treatment with Aspen will allow you to face with courage even what you do not know, dissolving unmotivated fears and anxieties.

Impatiens against mental tension

Impatiens is stats the first plant discovered by Bach and is ideal against anticipation anxiety and mental tension, suitable for those who are easily irritable, impatient, for those who often withdraw into themselves and cannot regulate their times. with those of others. Those who experience this form of anxiety lose patience even for the smallest things: when they are stuck in traffic because they are afraid of wasting their time, those who do not sleep at night because they think about things to do the next day. This flower helps relieve tension and teaches you to accept the natural flow of time without anxiety.

Red Chestnut for those anxious about others

Red Chestnut is the flower therapy remedy suitable for people who are always anxious about others, especially when it comes to loved ones. They always fear that something serious could happen to the people they love and manage to capture every slightest sorrow, or disappointment in the other, suffering from it: in a nutshell, they make the emotions of others their own. An excessive emotionality and worry that limits the freedom and others making life difficult: often we get to prohibit loved ones from playing a sport or hinder entertainment for fear that something serious might happen.

Rescue remedy for emergency situations

The Rescue remedy is considered a real emergency remedy: it is composed of a mixture of Bach flowers: Rock Rose, Cherry Plum, Star of Betlehem, Clemantis and Impatiens, which act in synergy to combat sudden attacks and uncontrolled fears that appear. suddenly with tremors, tachycardia, respiratory crisis, fear of not making it. A remedy that works as a natural first aid. It helps to regain control and the right clarity to better deal with the situation. This remedy can be taken orally but also applied to the wrists and temples for immediate action.

It is important to underline that the Rescue remedy cannot be used for long periods: it was in fact conceived by Bach only for emergency situations that can last, hours, days or months. Once these fears have been overcome, it is then necessary to evaluate another florotherapy remedy with a homeopath to understand which flower is most suitable by evaluating the individual case.


Bach flowers have no contraindications, they can be taken by everyone and do not interfere with normal medicines, as they act at a different level. They are also not addictive, which is why they can also be used by the elderly and children. However, the advice is to start a flower therapy treatment by first consulting a homeopath or naturopath in order to use the flower or combination of flowers that best suits our emotional distress.

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